Continuous Heart Monitoring “On- The-Go” Anytime, Anywhere


Do it yourself (DIY) multi-day heart screening solution offering complete mobility, monitor your heart on the go, in real life situations enhancing the diagnostic yield.

When you can measure your weight, BMI and blood pressure conveniently, why not your heart health? SmartHeart makes it possible to check the health of your body’s most crucial organ, conveniently & discreetly while you continue with your daily routine.

Tech powered

Your heart monitoring happens through a user friendly App installed on your mobile phone. ECG data is recorded & processed through cloud based Artificial Intelligence and published on both consumer and doctor’s app, within less than 30 minutes from completion of monitoring period.

Our Wireless Biosensor patch filters out noise from body movements. Hence, the available ECG is high quality resulting in 99.3% analysable data. Our proprietary technology combined with 24/7 customer support ensures seamless connectivity.

Accurate, Actionable Clinical-grade reports

High quality ECG data with 99.3% available for analysis combined with Artificial intelligence is what produces clinical grade reports to support treatment decisions.

Enhanced readability with clearly represented P-Wave and QRS complex combined with customised & actionable summary make it attractive for the medical professionals to review. Our reports are over-read by inhouse certified ECG technicians before publishing.

We report more than 20 heart conditions varying from AV blocks, QT analysis, SVT, VT, AFib, pauses and so on… proven to be a reliable Heart Screening tool that can facilitate proactive & early interventions.

Who should go for it

Vigo SmartHeart is a versatile, early screening and diagnostic heart monitoring solution that doctors recommend for the following conditions.

Long-term BP

Chestpains/ palpitations

Frequent tirednes



How it works

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