We empower care providers and independent clinicians, to provide contact-less & comprehensive covid-19 remote monitoring for their patients. This helps significantly augment the capacity while reducing the risk of Covid exposure for the Healthcare workers.

Comprehensive monitoring

Vitals monitoring (24/7)

The vitals data (ECG, HR, RR, Temp, SPo2) is continuously recorded using wireless biosensors and transferred to the cloud-based platform using the mobile app for monitoring and analysis.

ECG Analysis powered by
Artificial Intelligence

ECG analysis to help clinician look for arrhythmias and QT prolongations enabling them to adjust the drug dosages & identify arrhythmias at their earliest onset.

In-app Covid-19
Symptom Checker

AI driven smart & dynamic questionnaire on the mobile app mimics ward rounds in a hospital setting where doctor gets first hand insights on the patient symptoms. Helps clinician make more informed decisions.

Vital Trend Graphs

Visual representation of Vitals data into trending graphs helps clinician make faster & more informed decisions.

Health Score Index

Our HSI is based on NEWS scoring & gives a overview of overall patient health. This multi-dimensional scoring Helps in determining the level of care each patient would need.

Early Warning System

Our Proprietary and ever learning algorithms are continuously monitoring the Vital trends and generate timely alerts that help in early interventions.


Video Consultation

Our seamless and integrated Video consultation combined with Vitals data enables evidence based and data driven remote consultation. We also provide a unique feature where consumers can add family members to the video consultation.

Digital Dashboard

User -friendly and intuitive dashboards help care providers to review health information and vitals trends all in one screen. The Visual trends along with colour coded & time stamped graphs help in easy correlation of Vital trends and help in faster decision making.

Trusted Partner

24/7 Central Command Centre

Our team of medical and customer support professionals, act as a bridge between care providers and their patients, and ensure seamless experience right from on boarding the patients , monitoring them 24/7, coordinate for counselling services, and timely management in case of escalations with respective treating doctors, and connect them over message, call or video.

How does it work?

One of our key design philosophy has been to make our solutions Easy to use, Do-it-Yourself so that anyone with a smartphone can avail our remote monitoring services without depending on physical visits from medical personnel.

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