A 28-year-old female presented in the OP with complaints of palpitations and giddiness. There was a positive history of anxiety, chest pain and episodes of fainting. The presentation was ideal for Holter monitoring, to narrow down the diagnosis. The patient was prescribed a 5-day Vigo SmartHeart ECG monitoring program. The long-term ECG report demonstrated the occurrence of Short PR Interval (< 120ms) with Prolonged QRS Complexes (>110ms) with pre-excitation of Delta Waves. The instances of premature ventricular complexes and supraventricular complexes were shown with magnitude and time of occurrence on those 5 days. Vigo SmartHeart report suggested the presence of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome. Evaluation of patients with WPW syndrome with tachyarrhythmia can be difficult, since episodes of tachyarrhythmia often subside spontaneously before any medical observation is obtained. WPW can be properly diagnosed when there is flexibility of activity during the monitoring period, which Vigo SmartHeart allows. The patient received propranolol hydrochloride therapy, and follow-up ECG monitoring confirmed the clinical impression
of improvement.
Timely diagnosis and intervention could “ Save A Life ”.