FDA/CE approved ambulatory heart screening solution powered by AI, available at your fingertips

Advantages of Vigo SmartHeart

Arrhythmia Detection at your fingertips

You can install Vigo Doctor App on your mobile phone (Android) from the Google Play Store & you are all set to monitor your patient’s long term ECG.

“On-The-Go” ECG Monitoring

Why just restore patient’s health, when you can help them prevent cardiac diseases?

With Vigo SmartHeart, patients in mobility can get their ECG captured in real-life scenarios “On-The-Go” Anytime, Anywhere.

Arrhythmia detection was never this simple!

Helping more hearts stay healthy

There is No Limit! Now you can monitor any number of patients at the same time!

No upfront investment required, much more affordable long-term ECG monitoring solution

Can be conveniently stocked in your pharmacy

Diagnostic Yield

Quality PAR Excellence

Our FDA approved Biosensors and AI enable decision makers to take better decisions by giving out clinical grade information at their fingertips.

99.3% Analysable data

Great Reduction in ECG noise. Wireless patch gives 99.3% analysable data without mobility restrictions for your patient and thus enabling ECG monitoring in real life scenarios!

Multiple Conditions Diagnosed

With higher analysable data (99.3% of all data recorded), Vigo SmartHeart is capable of diagnosing multiple clinically relevant arrhythmias.

Clinical Reports

Accurate, Actionable Clinical-grade reports.

Fastest turn around with digital reports made available within 30mins from completion of monitoring period. Support better decision-making with highest analysable data (99.3%), thanks to the wireless biosensors.

Enhanced readability with clearly represented P-Wave and QRS complex. Our reports are over-read by inhouse certified ECG technicians before publishing.

Connected Care, Powered by AI

Lead the digital revolution in cardiac care. Our Artificial Intelligence is built on deep machine learning & ever-growing ECG database of over 1.45 million.

Our AI is FDA & CE marked as a decision-support tool. Our AI brings 20x reduction in false positives in detection of atrial fibrillation with 96.8% sensitivity and capable of diagnosing clinically relevant arrhythmias.

Integrated Information Access

Experience the power of digital cardiac care through our user friendly doctor app & portal right on your mobile or a desktop.

Apart from the well curated reports, you can access full length ECG at your fingertips. You know what’s best for your patient!

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