1. What is included in the Vigo Covid Care package?

  • Vigo Covid care package is a comprehensive remote vital monitoring solution that helps you monitor vital information like Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Oxygen saturation (SpO2) and also track Covid’19 symptoms. We also provide ECG monitoring in Covid care plus package. Your vital data gets updated every 5 minutes during your monitoring period at home/hospital while connecting you to the treating physician.

2. How is the Vigo Covid Care package going to help me?

  • Vigo Covid Care package helps to identify early symptoms of respiratory distress for timely interventions to significantly reduce the onset of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) which is a common cause for ICU admissions. We achieve this with the help of our Artificial Intelligence, Covid monitoring pathways, algorithms and Central Command Centre to generate early warning signs & actionable insights that enable the healthcare providers to offer “Evidence-Based” timely interventions.

3. What is a Symptom checker?

  • It assesses your symptoms based on your inputs and calculates the symptom scores to display on your mobile. This information helps the treating doctor to assess the disease progress while helping you in the assisted recovery.

4. What is the Health Score Index (HSI)?

  • Our Proprietary algorithms continuously monitor your clinically vital information to calculate the Health Score and display the early warning score as Green/Yellow/Orange/Red index which in turn makes it easy to manage the level of care.

5. What is the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this monitoring?

  • Our advanced AI algorithms analyse the clinically vital information to generate early warning signs for timely intervention and better clinical outcomes. AI helps to understand and flag the trends in your “Clinically Vital Data” that enable “Evidence- Based” treatment decisions.

6. Do doctors or nurses monitor me?

  • Yes, our doctors, nurses and customer support professionals continuously monitor your clinically vital information 24x7 and connect with you over message, call or video for timely escalations and connect with your treating doctor as and when necessary.

7. What devices are used for covid-19 monitoring?

We use FDA-approved devices and biosensors to monitor your vitals. The details are as follows:

  • Vigo patch to monitor your heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and ECG (Covid Care Plus package)
  • Pulse Oximeter to monitor your blood oxygen levels (SPO2)
  • Dedicated mobile phone with data sim for seamless service
  • Digital BP device to monitor your BP (Add-on service)

8. Do I need to return any of the devices?

  • Yes, Pulse Oximeter, mobile phone and BP device (if available in the kit) provided along with your monitoring kit need to be returned in the original box. Any physical damage to the returnable devices cost will have to be borne by the customer (Rs 1500 for pulse oximeter, Rs 7000 for Phone and sim card, Rs 2500 for BP device). Vigo monitoring patch must be safely discarded like any other electronic device.

9. Does the patch hurt?

  • No. But removing the patch can cause mild pain due to the adhesive nature of the patch. After removing the patch, wash with mild soap and pat dry the site.

10. Can I remove the patch in between the monitoring period?

  • No. The patch should not be removed until advised by the Vigo health officer.

11. What should I do if the patch comes off?

  • You don’t have to worry. Reattach the patch immediately and reach our customer support at the earliest.

12. Can the patch turn-off by itself?

  • No. The patch does not turn off once it is paired with the phone.

13. Do I get an indication if the patch is disconnected from the phone?

  • Yes. The patch blinks continuously in case of disconnection and blinks once in 3 seconds if it is connected to the phone. If it is disconnected, ensure your patch is close to your phone and mobile data is turned on.

14. How close the patch must be with the phone?

  • Patch and phone should be in a range of less than 5 meters.

15. What to do if my mobile is turned off or hotspot is disconnected during the monitoring period?

  • Please turn-on the phone / open the Vigo app and keep the phone close to the patch.

16. Do we need mobile data throughout the monitoring process?

  • Yes. Mobile data is needed for onboarding and uploading data to the cloud server at regular intervals.

17. Can I take a shower while wearing the Vigo Patch?

Yes. Follow these tips for showering:

  • Keep the shower time short
  • Keep your back towards the shower
  • Cover the patch with your hand while showering
  • Avoid using soap, lotions, and hot water over the patch
  • Hold the patch firmly while towel-drying
  • After showering, apply little pressure on the patch to secure it properly
  • Avoid swimming while wearing the patch

18. Is it normal to experience skin irritation or itchiness at the application site?

  • No, It's not common to experience skin irritation or itchiness on the application site. Further, you should remove the patch and contact our customer support service immidiately.

19. Who should interpret the report? Can I take any decision based on the report?

  • Only registered and competent doctors should interpret the report. Do not self-medicate based on your report findings, always follow your doctor’s advice.

20. What happens once the monitoring period is completed?

  • Once the monitoring period is completed, you can check the records in the “past monitorings”. Also, can reach out to us if you are looking forward to extending monitoring.

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