Deaths are preventable with access to quality healthcare


People suffer from at least one disease in India


Of all Cardiovascular Diseases are preventable


Shortage of healthcare workers, this gap increases the disease burden

Doctors to stay in the know of their patients anytime from anywhere.

Care providers and doctors has visibility to their patient vitals data through a specifically designed Vigo-clinic mobile App. Quick access to vitals and reports of patients in monitoring. Ability to set customized alerts and follow ups. Care givers liberated from limitations of the physical and logistical boundaries.

Dependable companion for nursing staff to ensure and enhance desirable care for patients.

Nursing staff are equipped with vitals presented in traffic light paradigm. Early warning alerts ensures timely intervention. Completely eliminates manually recording and retrieving vitals. Continued and live vitals further enhance attention to detail. Accessibility to multiple patient vitals at a central location like a nursing station.


Enabling Hospitals to engage in the entire disease life cycle of patients beyond physical hospital bounds and limitations.

Hospitals to maximize the potential of existing staff and physical infrastructure. Quality of monitoring to increase multifold by turning every bed into a quasi-ICU bed. Clinical grade care can be initiated before getting into hospital and can continue post discharge. Continuum care to reach patient’s home bed and making it an extended hospital bed.

Assured and in-time medical attention to one’s condition be it in hospital or outside.

Wireless and minimal touch bio sensors ensure reduced discomfort of a hospitalized experience. Hospital level monitoring irrespective of one’s physical presence, hospital or not. Stay connected to the doctor and reduce hospital visits.