Multivitals monitoring

Changes in vital signs prior to clinical deterioration are well documented and early detection of preventable outcomes is key to timely intervention.
Vigo’s Multivitals monitoring (MVM) solution seamlessly integrates multiple monitoring modalities to enable continuous monitoring of patients – Anytime, Anywhere.
Be it in the Hospital wards or outside the walls of care settings, Vigo MVM’s wide range of remote and in-hospital monitoring solutions provide for a convenient and clinically accurate way of detecting patient deterioration.

Our solution is currently undergoing clinical pilots with encouraging early results. Enroll below to be part of our journey

In-Hospital Multivitals monitoring

Monitoring of vital signs of hospital patients is a common practice in intensive care, operation theatre, and recovery ward settings. However, once patients are discharged to the general ward, vital signs are only monitored intermittently, often just once or twice daily, potentially leading to severe consequences.

Data Points

• 5.9 M Nursing shortfall globally. Nurses often report missing essential patient surveillance due to high workload
• 70% of post-op in hospital deaths occur in wards, without admission to Critical Care at any stage after surgery
• 57% of in-hospital cardiac arrests occur in wards

Our In-Hospital Monitoring solutions enable continuous monitoring and provide reliable reports by integrating data from wearable biosensors, medical grade AI, cloud infrastructure onto a centralized command center.

Our monitoring solutions could aid your medical staff in

1. Improving monitoring efficiency and accuracy
2. Reducing overall costs to patient
3. Reducing the incidence of code blue events

Remote Multivitals Monitoring

Our Remote MVM solution provides for a reliable and accurate way to monitoring patients that are outside care settings and to effectively triage patients back into hospitals as and when necessary.

This solution is currently undergoing clinical pilots – Enroll to be part of our journey.