Arrythmia Detection Simplified.

Vigo SmartHeart

Vigo SmartHeart is an easy-to-use, multi-day ECG monitoring solution with superior clinical accuracy. It yields 99.3% analyzable data in real-life situations, with complete mobility for the user.

With FDA approved biosensors and Cardiologs AI*, we can detect more than 20 types of significant arrhythmias, with 96.7% clinical accuracy. Our ECG monitoring solution is revolutionizing arrhythmia detection across the healthcare landscape.

Multiday Monitoring

Disposable patch up to 5 days of monitoring per patch

Shower and Dust Proof

Resistant to water and environmental dust

Completely Wireless

Monitoring under real life conditions with high diagnostic yield

Quick Reports

On-demand intermittent reports for quicker decision making and early interventions.

Easy Onboarding

Simple and easy to apply “Do it yourself” application.

FDA 510K Approved

Clinical grade biosensors certified as class II medical devices

Touch more lives with Vigo SmartHeart

How Vigo SmartHeart works?

Simplified process. Exemplary Outcomes.



Physician prescribes ECG monitoring, and patient applies the chest patch at home or in clinic



Patient downloads Vigo SmartHeart App and connects to the patch. ECG data is then transmitted to secure cloud.



Vigo analyses the ECG data with Cardiologs Artificial Intelligence*



Physician receives a high quality, actionable digital report.

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