Monitor patients’ Vitals – Anytime, Anywhere.

Vigo Vitals

Vigo Vitals is an integrated Patient vitals monitoring solution designed to enable clinicians to detect patient deterioration early, both within and beyond healthcare settings. With intermittent monitoring and ‘spot checks’ known to lead to adverse patient outcomes, continuous monitoring of vitals using Vigo Vitals is the way forward.

By integrating medical-grade wireless devices with a centralized command center in your hospital, Vigo Vitals significantly eases the burden of nurses while ensuring that all your Patient vitals monitoring all the time. Moreover, our clinically validated algorithms provide proactive clinical decision support to ensure clinicians always stay ahead of any potential patient complications.

Be it a post-surgical, general, or specialty ward in your hospital, or a remote patient recovering at home, Vigo Vitals has it all covered with its Multivital monitoring.

Continuous Vitals in Real Time

Make quick clinical decisions while monitoring your patients continuously


Patient satisfaction is guaranteed through a decluttered monitoring experience

Early Warning Score

Vigo Algorithms provide proactive decision support in the form of EWS scores to drive early interventions

Centralized Nursing Station

Effectively manage your nursing resources by monitoring all your patients from a central location

Clinician app for remote access

Always stay in the know of your patient even when you are not at the bedside

Historic Vitals’ trends and Customizable alerts

Make trends-based care decisions and interventions through patient-specific alerts

Our Solutions

Monitor Vitals within and outside the boundaries of care settings


In-Hospital Monitoring

Switch to continuous patient monitoring in your wards for superior clinical outcomes


Remote Patient Monitoring

Manage patient recovery from the comfort of their homes